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Surf, stay & eat at Wave House Bali

Surf, stay, eat & repeat for a week. It’s all you need to learn how to surf, meet new people and enjoy Bali vibes. 

If you dream to learn to surf, but don’t know where to start you are in the right place. 

When I planned my solo trip to Bali, my goal was to learn surfing and meet people. What’s best than a surf camp ? But then which one to chose ? 

I booked at Wave House and let me explain how good it was. 

Wave house it’s a luxury surf camp at fair price. 

Check availabilty at Wave House here!


You can book either a private room, private loft or a dorm room (for smaller budget & solo travelers). All rooms are surrounding the pools and restaurants. 

The surf camp includes Surf & Stay, daily surf sessions with instructor, breakfast and additional activities. All included.

Location: Wave House is in Canggu area, in Berawa exactly. You are within walking distance to the beach and 5 min drive to lots of cafés and cool places. 

Surf: You have a 2h surf session every day by group level ( beginner, intermediate & advanced). The spots varies depending on conditions. We had 2 to 3 instructors per group of 6 people, so they really had time for each of us. 

Breakfast:  Every morning, after our surf sesh you have a choice of à la carte menu breakfast to chose from. While watching the video of the day. 


Well that’s why you came for right? 

I tried surfing before one day here and one day there, but this time was the best. 

Going every day in the water with instructors, that have time for you makes a huge dif.

Also the video / photography part is amazing because you can really analyse what you need to improve and you get cool memories as well. 

You can download them for free daily ! 

If you still have the energy and want to go for a session during the day you can use the boards for free.  


You have few choices regarding accommodation depending on your budget. 

I took a Girls dorm room and it was perfect, also mix dorms available.

Basically it’s like a small house with a big room, and an amazing bathroom just for the 4 of us. If you ever stayed in Hostels you know that is luxury. 

The cleaning team was coming every day to clean the room, we had a small basket each to put our laundry if needed ( price was fair). 

Price starts at 880.000 IDR ( 50€). 4 beds which are super comfortable and steady. 

Standard room, Deluxe room & studio with single or double option. 

From 136.000 to 248.000 IDR. 


Gym:  If you like to train, there is an area for it in the camp but the best part is you have access to Finn’s recreation club. Which means an amazing gym, co-working space and the recreation park ! 

Yoga: Five days a week there is a yoga class free to attend.  All you need to do is sign up. The teacher was one of the best I tried and it’s perfect for your surf practice. 


The best part is that I met so many nice people, girls that I kept seing during my time in Bali. 


So for a week, I spend around 380€ for accommodation, surf lesson & breakfast. 

You need to add your laundry 1 or 2 extra meals/day, scooter.

So around 500€ for a full week all included. 

Send me a DM on instagram if you have any questions. If you need more tips on Bali check other blog post or get your Bali Guide (93 pages of content, all my adresses with google map links, itinerary, what to see per area and so much more).

And have a great trip!

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