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City Guide: 48h in Budapest


About: Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is bisected by the River Danube.

Formality:  Budapest is part of Europe, so for Europeans you need a valid ID of 6months before return. For non EU resident check depending of your country.

Currency: Hungarian forint (HUF)

Time:  Central European Standard Time

Best season:  I would not go in summer as I imagined it gets hot. I think spring and fall are perfect. 


From the airport, we took a taxi from the airport directly to the Gellert Thermal and paid around 200kr / 19€.

You can also take a bus to the city center for 4€, line No. 100E.

To go around:  You have the choice between metro/tram/bus. But honestly we walked a lot and when we needed we just took a taxi. We paid around 50kr ( 6€) per way, which make more sense when you are 3.

You can also get a Budapest Card with Free public transport, discounts, museum access etc..


Budapest is such a beautiful city, two days was a bit short I must admit. But we managed to walk a lot in the city center.

Check my Mapstr map, I saved all my addresses there.


St. Stephen’s Basilica

Liberty Bridge / Gellért Hill

Gellért Hill, is a 15min walk up, lots of stairs but best view of the city and the bridge. Go at sunset time for great pictures. 

It’s also right next to the Spa. 


They are so many options to chose from. For this first trip we chose the two most known. 

Gellért Spa

Entrance:  Around 200dkk/pers ( 25€), book here. It has been ma favorite one. It’s really nice to take the cabine if you come straight from the airport so you can leave all your laguages in. 

Széchenyi Thermal Bath 

I did not took pictures as we went at night and it was really busy. But I did not like it so much, it’s only pools all around and not really clean to be honest. 


The girls found the most amazing appartement ever. A bit expensive but if you ask me all worth it. Link 

3 bedrooms ( 1 master with bathtube) .


Here are places we tried and liked. 

If you go during the week-end, book in advance as all the places where full. 

Dinner at Kollázs, restaurant of the four season hôtel, French bistrot. €€

Dinner at Twentysix, méditerranéen food. This place is amazing, indoor jungle, great food to share and drinks. €€

Cookie Beacon, if you are in for a treat during the long walks or a brunch.

Lion’s locker for a good brunch ( you can also leave your bags there for the day by the way.€

Karavan street food, great to try some traditional food and more. In the party street ;). €

Szimpla Kert for drinks, it’s a ruin bar. Famous bars in Budapest, we really liked the vibe of this one. This street is where you have all the bars and clubs!

I think with that you have all you need to start planing your week end, send me a DM on insta if you have any questions. And have a great trip!

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