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Canggu & Berawa Guide, Bali

First you need to know, when I came in 2013 Canggu did not exist ..and in the past 4 years it has grown a lot. 

How is Canggu ? A question I got so many times now… it depend’s on people right ? But I love it. Canggu has different areas some more quiet.

In Canggu you can get the best (ish) of everything Bali has to offer.

Surf, Yoga, Food, Beach, Party’s… 

How to get around? 

You cannot really walk around, first there are no real sidewalk, second it’s quiet far from one place to the other. 

So either, you rent a scooter  but please don’t start driving here as the traffic can get crazy. 

Either you can get a Grab or Gojek ( download the app and just order a drive when you need one). 

The different areas.

It’s divided in few areas named after the beaches, to go from one area to the other you have short cuts. 


Sunset at Caravan. 

Jl. Raya Pantai Berawa.

Here you will find a lot of restaurants, bars, accommodations from hostels to upper class. 

The beach is also perfect to surf from Beginner to more.. check Surf Camp and for sunsets of course.


Take the Canggu Shortcut to cross from Berawa to the other “Canggu areas” north. 


Morning at The Times Warung, my favorite place for morning coffee and post surf relax.

The heart of Canggu, the main street, Jl, Batu Bolong where you find many cafés, restaurants..

It’s also a really nice beach where you can chill, watch sunsets and surf. Perfect for all level but if you are beginner be aware of the hidden rocks.

Another shortcut will lead you to Pererenan. 



Pictures at La Brisa Farmers Market on Sunday ( 10 am to 14pm).

JL. Pantai Batu Mejan.

Find the famous La Brisa beach club, bohemian vibe, deep house music.

I love the vibe and would recommend it, if you want to enjoy a good drink at sunset, take a bin bag ( 300k min spend). Food is also really good. 

Famous beach for surfing, enjoy the show all day long. A lot of places cheaper where you can chill during the day. 

Beside the beach, lots of cafés in the area as well. 


Geographically not part of Canggu but common knowledge that it is.

Much more quiet, you will find beautiful private villas and new cafés popping up.

If you want quiet and serene vibe, this is for you. 

That’s it for now.

I hope it will help you find your way around and plan your trip. I personally love Canggu but it can get too busy for some people. 

Check my Instagram guides if you want lots of food places. 

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