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Boutique Hotel Belajar, Canggu

Belajar is nested in the heart of Canggu. We stayed here our two last night on the Island to relax and enjoy. Boutique hotel with 8 suites, a communal kitchen, dinning area and stunning pool. 

Belajar is located only five minutes drive away from all my favorite cafés and  beaches. 

Loved waking up early morning, go make my coffee in the kitchen and enjoy it in the living room while looking at the pool. 

Perfect place to either arrive or leave Bali. 

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Large beautiful room, they thought of all details, usb charger / plugs next to the bed, storage for your clothing, light blocking curtains … 

The bathroom look like an open one but it’s closed. Stunning is all I have to say. 


Beautiful living room with A/C, perfect to work or just chill. Love the top part if you want to relax and read a book. Or just take pics haha. 


I literally spend hours in this spot getting the sun while soaking my feet in the water. 


Once again I hope you enjoyed this blog post, 

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And have a great trip!

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