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Bali, where to go ?

Planning your vacation to Bali ? Don’t know where to start ? I got you covered. 

( Note: related post will be added about each areas with hotels, restaurants and what to see … ) 

Let’s start with an overall idea of the different areas.

Then the other islands around that you should add to your list. 


Canggu has became the must place to go to. When I went to Bali 12 years ago for the first time, I did not even heard about it. 

But today you cannot miss it. Canggu has it all !

Perfect beaches to learn to surf & chill, yoga, the best cafés on the island, beach club, coolest boutique and amazing hotels / villas. 

It’s my favorite area of Bali but it’s not everyone cup of tea as it’s quiet busy. 


If you are looking for a place to relax, blue water … Uluwatu is for you. 

I missed it the two times I came to Bali and I can tell you, don’t do the same mistake. 

Such a cute area, the roads are beautiful, the beach with lagoon area stunning, if you surf you will find some of the best spots here. 

The sunsets are epic and there is some really cool places to go party as well. 

Enjoy the steep stairs, narrow street to find the most pretty beaches. 


Probably the most known place of Bali. 

Away from the coast, Ubud is known for the yoga retreats, temples & rice fields. 

It’s a busy town as well, but you can easily find quiet areas. 

I would recommend to go for few nights to explore the area. 


Are you looking for rice field, no one on the roads, bambou houses & flower bath ? 

Well then this is for you 100% !

I drove around Sidemen and I absolutely loved it. You will feel away from it all. 


Ready to travel off the beaten path ? Head up to the north part of Bali. 

Go hike the volcano Mount Batur, check all the waterfalls, go swim with Dolphins in Lovina, see baby turtle getting released … 

It’s an area I will go visit a bit more next time for sure. 


Are you looking for peace ? Island without trafic ? Blue waters ? 

Then you should check the Gili’s, Ceningan & Lembongan .


Bali’s sister, pretty much the same size but way more wild. I could not go this time but I did 4 years ago and loved it. 

Lombok is Bali 20 years ago, more and more cafés and restaurants are opening in the south part. 


1 hour away by plane from Bali, you’ll find one of the best diving spot in the world and desert beaches. 

Been to Komodo twice now, and I can only advice you to go ! Next time I will have to explore Flores island, but each time I went was to dive mostly. 

I hope this helps you to see more clearly what you can do and where, if you have any questions you can always reach out on Instagram. 

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