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Best Spa in Copenhagen


About: Denmark is quiet different from the other country in Scandinavia. We don’t have all those sauna for free around. So you have to find your way around to get cool spot to relax and warm up in the winter.

I will share with you the spot I tried or recommended places.

Sauna Gus*:  I never heard of it before trying it out here. It’s an aroma therapy in the sauna. Must try !



Location:  Actually relocating but Here is the link to their website so you can check it out.

**Info:  **They have hot tubes, sauna and hot boat ( small boat with a fireplace to warm up the salty water from the sea).

**Price: **(will update as soon as they reopen)

Flintholm Kurbad

Location:  Bernhard Bangs Alle 41, 2000 Frederiksberg

To get there you can take a bus from the city and just walk few hundred meters or the train / metro to Flintholm Station and walk for around 15min.

Info:  This place is part of a public swimming pool so nothing fancy. But really good price for what you get.

There is a steambath ( hamman), sauna with a Sauna Gus*, hot-tub..And you can also access to swimming pool if you want to workout a little.


185dkk/pers for 1H50 from your booking arrival time.

La Banchina

Location:  Refshalevej 141, 1432 København

Info: One of my favorite place in the city no matter what season.

This is not a spa place, it’s a café / restaurant in front of the water where we go swimming all year long.

But they have the cutest little sauna with a view on the water.

Price: 1H45 minutes for 400kr. You book the entire sauna for yourself, up to 8people.


Marienlyst Spa

Location: Nordre Strandvej 2A, 3000 Helsingør

It’s not in Copenhagen, it’s 1h drive up north. You get also get there by train.

Info: It takes its name after Marienlyst House , a neighboring former royal summer retreat, which was part of it from its foundation in 1859 until 1896. Facilities include a restaurant, bar, wellness area and a casino. The Danish national football team stays at the hotel in connection with home matches and training sessions.

It’s a full spa, with 3 different sauna’s, bubble bath, steam room, pool and more.

I would say I did not have the best experience going there. They did not give us any information about the place, it took us a while to realize there was two sauna downstairs connecting to the beach / sea. We did not knew about the sauna gus time… so I have mix feeling.

But the view is amazing, if you go make sure to do the sauna gus* before the night comes so you can enjoy the Ocean view.

Price:  They have a lot of different options but it start from 300kr for a spa day. Here is a link for you.


Location: Sofiegade 15, 1418 København. In the center of Copenhagen.

Info: My favorite one so far. It use to be a public bath for Copenhagen people when there were no bathroom in apartments.

They kept it as original as possible, you still have the old showers, marble all around.

On Thursday after 17h it’s women only ;), otherwise it’s mix.

There is a sauna, steam-bath, cold bath, bathtubes ( extra)… You get a face mask and a body scrub. You can also book a massage on hot stone.

+++ you can order wine and have your own table for you and your friends in the middle of the spa to enjoy it!

Price: Starts from 295kr, check there prices here.

That’s all for now, I will make sure to keep it updated when trying new places. I hope you enjoyed it and that makes you want to go and take care of yourself ;).

If you have any question, reach out to me on Instagram @nomadedreamer.

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