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15 Ways to Be a Sustainable Traveler


What is Sustainable Travel ?

Sustainable travel is about valuing the environment and looking after our natural resources.

Sustainable travel means finding a way that tourism can be maintained long-term without harming natural and cultural environments. Sustainable travel should minimize the negative impacts of tourism and ideally be beneficial to the area in which it takes place.

My ways the be a Sustainable Traveler:

Depending on where you live you might want to go on the other side of the planet to get some sun ( I feel you ha ha). But let’s be honest taking plans is not the most sustainable way.Few tips to make it better:

1: Take direct flights as much as possible.

2: Fly economy

3: Travel light ( weight use more fuel)

4: Be a slow traveler ( spend more time in one country and take buses to cross borders)


Supporting small local business help develop the area and support the community.

5: Stay in local accommodation (Bed & Breakfast, Guest house, Boutique hotel ….)

6: Look for Green places (find places that are sustainable, green hotel…)

7:Avoid all-inclusive & Large Resorts

Why? because all the money goes to the hotels, instead of spending money at local restaurants …Those places have negative impacts on the local environment. They use a lot of water and energy by changing bed linen daily ( not needed obviously).

And personal opinion, you don’t experience the country.

8: Go camping, for sure one of the greenest way to travel haha. As long as you bring your trash back with you of course.



9: Responsible wildlife tourism

This means, avoid ZOO, and anything involving animals. I did that mistake myself on my first trip in Thailand (a tour on an elephant), this was 12 years ago, we were not so aware of the bad treatments they get. Today I would never do it again, no animals deserve to be beaten for our own pleasure.

10: Protect the reefs

If you like being under water like us, make sure to be aware of your environment.

Rule number 1 : TOUCH WITH YOUR EYES! Do not touch animals, they have a protective layer on their skin, when touching them you remove it and then give them more chances to catch infections…

25% of coral reefs worldwide are now damaged beyond repair. So don’t kick them. They are a lot of places now, where you can plant coral ;).

Wear reef-friendly sunscreen ( back in the Vanity section).



11: Food

Look for local markets, go shop there, meet the locals, discover new varieties of food. It’s cheaper, good for the local economy and the planet.

12: Gift, personally I almost don’t buy gift anymore. But if you want some, find local artisans.

13: Clothing

It’s tempting to buy new clothes and way cheaper. But just be aware they are most of the time part of fast fashion, made with chemicals that pollute waters, landfill and your skin. So look for hand made pieces and buy only what you NEED.


This might sound stupid, but a lot of country don’t have the resources to recycle lots of products. So I am always trying to AVOID PLASTIC ( also at home).

14: Pack light

With time you get better at it, now i don’t take more than 11kg in my main bag.Why ? A plan fuel consumption is greater if the weight is lighter. And it’s way better for your back too.

15: Pack Eco-friendly ! Today it has become so easy to buy products that have no plastic. Some basics, reusable water bottle ( filter) so you don’t need to buy plastic bottles. Solid soap, solid shampoo, solid demo, period underwear ( those are the best by the way). With those you will not leave plastic behind that has no where to go …I will make you a full list for Men & Women.

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